custom  treatments

No strips or trays!

Every Beautiful Bright Smile Kit includes custom tipped pens for easy application! 

Our gentle brushes brighten hard-to-reach areas and keep delicate tissues safe and protected!

gentle whitening

We are proud to offer TWO  gentle and effective whitening formulas,

High Performance and Pure (chemical-free).

Beautiful Bright Smile teeth whitening gels are Health Canada and FDA registered.


Our treatments and products are now available in dental offices across North America! 

Request Dental  catalog through our professional's page!

smile with us!


" As a dentist, I have tried many different teeth whitening brands over the years and have never found a product that offered no sensitivity with incredible results, until now.

We have tested Beautiful Bright Smile on a wide variety of enamel genetics, ages, and levels of staining with STUNNING whitening results and NO sensitivity. We had a patient who could not whiten for the past 40 years due to sensitivity, and we were able to whiten several shades brighter with NO after sensitivity!

I highly recommend Beautiful Bright Smile to all of my patients and colleagues"

Dr. Crabtree

Burns Dental Group