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"What makes the BBS kits different from others?"

Every piece of the BBS kits has been thought out and carefully curated by dental professionals. The kits are designed to keep your enamel and surrounding tissues healthy but still produce glowing results! 

In every kit you will find the following:

Peppermint Lip Balm- Loaded with vitamin E to lubricate lips and protect tissues.

Cheek Retractor- Gently retracts cheeks to give a full view of your smile.

Custom tipped pens;

-Available in 2 formulas High Performance and Chemical Free

-Allows accuracy in placement of gel and avoids delicate tissues.

Paper Straw- Protect your freshly brightened smile from new stains.

Shade Guide- Enables you to visually see your whitening progress!



"Are your gels ingredients gluten-free?"

​Yes! Our gels are also vegan, kosher, made with organic essential oils, and cruelty-free.


"I have tried whitening products which made my teeth sensitive, which one would you recommend for me?"

​Our personal favorite and best seller is the best of both worlds! This includes both the high-performance gel and our peroxide-free solution. by using this kit and interchanging the 2 gels you receive the full whitening power without using hydrogen peroxide every treatment.

an example treatment we would look like this:

Night 1 - peroxide-free- 20 minutes

Night 3 - high performance 15 minutes

Night 4 - peroxide-free - 20 minutes

Night 6- high performance 15 minutes.

We recommend repeating this schedule for up to 14 days.

"How many treatments are in a kit?"

Each 2ml pen can perform up to 30 treatments.

"How long is the battery life of the LED light?"

48 hours. The light automatically turns off after 15 minutes.

"Why do you not use trays?"

We are strictly 'tray and strip' FREE at Beautiful Bright Smile! Teeth whitening is not “one size fits all”, every treatment should be custom to your smile. For this reason, we use custom tipped pens that can reach areas that strips and trays can miss. There is also LESS gel used using our custom pens, less spillage, and NO engagement with the gum tissues.

"Where can I purchase refill pens?"

Refill pens, chapsticks, and other products can be purchased through one of our distributors! Please email

"Can I use your kits if I am nursing or pregnant?"

We recommend asking your Dr. when nursing or pregnant and please refer to our ingredient list

"Is there an expiry on the products?"

Products expire 12 months after opening or 2 years unopened.

"When will I see results?"

Results can vary due to enamel type. On average it takes 2-7 treatments to see consistent results.

"How can I determine my enamel type?"

Determining your enamel type is key to teeth whitening success. Here is a quick guideline:

Stronger enamel- Use High Performance

Little to no previous dental work

No sensitivity to cold and sweet.


Weaker enamel clues - Use Pure or a combo of pure and high performance.

*Sensitive to cold/sweet.

*Suffer from recessed gums.

*Translucent when a light shines on enamel.

*Lots of previous dental work.

*Chipped and jagged biting surfaces.



You can also take advantage of a personal consultation with one of our dental professionals by emailing

"Do I have to keep the gels cold?"

Yes! Cold gel and dry enamel is the perfect combination for teeth whitening.

"I have a lot of saliva building up when brightening, will this alter the results?"


It can! Saliva can effectively “wash away” the whitening gel and render it ineffective. We recommend laying down with your head slightly elevated for comfort. It’s a great excuse to kick your feet up and watch an episode of your favorite “real housewives”!


"What ingredients are in your gels?"


Please refer to our full ingredients page on our website!

We also list our recommendations of which gel to use as per your enamel type!

"Can I return my kit?"

We do not accept returns. However, if you are unhappy with your kit or results we do work with you to problem-solve the situation.

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