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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the ingredients in your gels?

Our current gels and ingredients can be found on our ingredients page: All gels are Health Canada and FDA registered.

Is it safe to book a treatment or use an at home kit if I have crowns or fillings?

Yes! All Beautiful Bright Smile products are safe on restorations (composite or porcelain). The gel will lift any stain that has accumulated on these pieces and restore them to the color they where when placed. We strongly recommed the peroxide free formula for porcelain pieces (crowns, veneers, bridges).

Is it safe to whiten my teeth when I am pregnant?

We do NOT recommend using products containing peroxide when pregnant or nursing. We do however recommend our PURE kits and treatements for nursing mommas and if pregnant please consult your doctor with our PURE ingredient list before using!

Will this cause sensitivity?

Our gels are very gentle on your teeth, that being said we cannot guarantee no sensitivity at all. For in studio treatments we have our after treatment remineralisation gel which soothes the dehydrated teeth, helping to eliminate any sensitivity. We also offer peroxide free solutions which do not contain acidic agents.

I have recession, can I still whiten my teeth?

Yes! Due to the gentle and precise nature of our pens, it is possible to whiten your teeth and avoid those areas of recession! Included in every in studio and at home kit is a cheek retractor that gently keeps all important tissues out of harms way of the gel. This retratcor then gives a nice open view of areas of recession making it possible to protect and avoid those areas. Since we a custom pen and DO NOT use trays or strips, which pour into these sensitive areas, the gel never touches the exposed dentin layer of the tooth.

Who can purchase your instant gels?

We currently sell our instant, in office gels to dentists, trained dental professionals and trained estheticians.

How can I become a distributor of the kits?

Please email for our distributor information package.

How do I place an order?

Please place all orders through the "shop" tab in the menu bar. Once you have chosen which item you would like to purchase, please select your distributor from the list below. If you DO NOT have a distributor please choose no distributor/head office. An email confirmation will be sent as soon as your order is received. Questions? Please email If you have placed an order through your local Bright Smile Rep please contact that person for updates on your shipment.


All orders will be shipped within 7 days of order and may take an additional 7 days to travel to your destination, depending on location. All shipments will be sent by Canada Post and will be shipped to the address attached to the purchase.

How often can I safely have an instant teeth whitening session?

We base your teeth whitening treatments similar to dental cleaning. We recommend 6-9 months in between your sessions to keep your enamel safe and stay away from sensitivity.