Q: Do you have to have a dental background to perform teeth whitening service?

A: No. Although helpful it is not necessary to be trained in the dental field to perform these services. 90% of what Emma (founder) has learned about teeth whitening happened after leaving the dental field!

Our manual is over 30 pages of information regarding enamel types, oral health and the numbering system so you will feel fully confident in not only performing the treatment but also answering important client questions.

Q: Is it legal to perform teeth whitening in Canada?

A: Yes, in Canada teeth whitening is governed under the Beauty Council Act.

Laws differ state to state. We have a USA specific guide for those wanting to add our products in America.

Globally laws and solution percentage requirements change country to country. If you are interested in adding our products we can gladly assist in your specific areas rules and regulations.

Our chemical FREE treatments are allowed without regulation globally!

Q: Where do I purchase future materials?

A: All Beautiful Bright Smile technicians have access to the tech only store located within the websites internal system. Here you can purchase our products including gel pens, lights, glasses and retail kits. 

Only trained and approved technicians have access to the technician site. The cost of ongoing supplies ranges from $15-25 per kit!

Q: Is there training involved?

A:Our comprehensive manual gives all of the theory and tools needed for you to proceed with the treatments! We offer complimentary skype or Instagram video sessions with all package purchases. In person, private training can be arranged. Please refer to our Technician for our private training fee's!

A certificate is provided after 5 pictures are submitted showing healthy tissues, results and all questions answered!

Q: What is the percentage of hydrogen peroxide you use in your gels?

A: Chemical Free is 0%. High Performance is a 32% mix of carbamide and hydrogen peroxide.

***IT IS NOT THE STRENGTH OF THE GEL THAT CREATES A BRIGHTER SMILE: Whilst working in the dental office I used 44% hp, the strongest on the market. Patients would leave with burnt tissues and sensitive teeth. Knowing your enamel types and controlling your oral tissues is what makes a teeth whitening treatment successful not the strength of the gel. i cannot stress this enough!

Our goal is to provide pain free bright smiles!

Q: How many clients can I brighten at the same time?

A: Due to the hands free nature you can give full attention to up to 6 clients at the same time! Remember you will need more lights to do this but it is possible!

Q: Can I perform other services at the same time (lash extensions etc.)?

A: Absolutely! Due to the hands free nature of teeth whitening it is possible to double on services (and money) but not your time! Clients love the dual treatments as it is a time save for themselves also.

Q: Do I need insurance?

A: We highly recommend you do purchase insurance. We specifically have a relationship with Godoys Insurance which you are welcome to use!

Q: Are your gels approved?

A:Our gels are Health Canada and FDA compliant which reached global qualification also! We gladly supply our cosmetic # after you join the team (its also on our IG page)!

Q: I was trained by another company or am already from dental, can I purchase your products?

A: Until recently, no however we have now introduced a reduced starter package set up which includes access to our tech store, social media content and website access/ location after a few requirements have been fulfilled. 

We will ask proof of prior training or dental experience, a questionnaire will be provided and costs will be given!

Q: Is there ongoing support?

A: Yes! We provide website access and materials. Social Media packages are also sent out monthly and we have support groups via Instagram. These groups have senior technicians attached to them to answer your questions 24/7!

We also have Emma (owner ) available via email

Q: Can I use other brands of teeth whitening after training?

A: Technically yes, you are not locked into a contract with BBS and are free to use other products. However, by using other products you will no longer have access to the tech site, support groups, website location and retail discounts. If yoy have any concerns with BBS please email Emma directly!

Q: How long does it take for shipping my supplies?

A: We ship Mondays and Thursdays via Canada Post (2-5 business days)

USA - up to 10 business days

Global 10-14 business days.