Fluoride Free- can replace traditional toothpaste!

Can be used in studio post whitening to remineralize OR as a retail product.

Replacing stain X with our new Vita Shine Tooth Gloss System!

Replacing the vitamins and minerals lost during the teeth whitening process, this easy to apply gel does it all!

With a fresh peppermint taste, the client will love the feel and effects of this new system.

Each bottle contains enough serum for up to 40 applications and can be also used as a regular toothpaste at home!

To use after treatment simply:

express 1 pump of gel onto CLEAN gauze or paper towl and have the client pick up with finger and have them gently rub into enamel of teeth treated.

Have client massage into enamel for 30 seconds then rinse with room temperature water.


At home:

Simply use as toothpaste! Express a small amount onto tooth brush and brush/rinse as normal.

Vita Shine Tooth Gloss