Ross White

Posted on December 6, 2017

Teeth are like fingerprints, unique to you and always different. I have seen thousands of teeth, to the point where I can look and already tell you are going to get either amazingly awesome off the charts “ross white” or subtle, nice but not an oh my gosh change like others. I can do the exact same treatment, the exact same time, serum and light and always get different results. Why? Its the genetics of your teeth. Never had a cavity? You have hard enamel (first layer of the tooth) that protects from plaque and calculus, but also from the teeth whitening serum. Do you have translucent, greyish white teeth? Yours are probably going to brighten up quickly and reach a brighter result, the downside? Your teeth are usually more porous which also allows stains from your foods and drinks to settle back into.

Every technician is trained and aware of the different teeth structures to help you acheive your brightest smile! They might not all be “ross white” but we do guarantee a difference or no charge to you!

Post treatment we always place a remineralizing agent on your teeth to “lock in” the whitening effect and prevent sensitivity, ensuring your results will last longer! Remember that oral habits can hinder the length of brightness time such as smoking, coffee and red wine (noooooooooo)!

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