The Beginning…

The Beginning…

Posted on November 2, 2017

Hello world!

My name is Emma Clarke, founder of Beautiful Bright Smile. It’s taken a little while but i’m thrilled to announce the official start of the Beautiful bright Smile blog! My goals for this is to inform, educate and hopefully inspire. I will also be featuring other businesses because, as we all know, “it takes a village!”

A little about my background: I was first introduced to the dental world 15 years ago, when after spending money on a year of general studies in college, I saw an ad for a dental treatment co-ordinator course offered at my same college. I did a hop, skip and a jump over to that program and was instantly in love with the profession. For the next 5 years I worked as a treatment co-ordinator in a couple of amazing dental clinics but was always drawn to what was going on in the back! After spending some time watching and learning, I felt like spit, blood and plaque was my jam so I quickly signed up for the night course at Douglas College. For the following year I worked daytime absorbing all I could in the front and back, had a 10 minute “linner” (lunch/dinner) and started night school to become a Certified Dental Assistant. This was exhausting but amazing and worth it at the same time.

My next part of my career was being a Certified Dental Assistant. I loved this job, and with a move to Abbotsford, B.C I also loved my new office. I was SO fortunate to be hired by one of the best sedation offices in the country. The office had high standards in every way possible and I was trained in that matter! I’m not going to lie I had a good 10 lb weight gain from the learning curve but every pound was worth the way which I was trained because I firmly believed it has crossed over into my very own business. During my time at this office I married my long time love, Jeff and went on to have 2 boys, Oliver and Owen. In between my maternity leaves the wonderful dentist I was working with retired and I had another passion which was now my babies.

After spending an exhausting but amazing year at home with both of my boys I was starting to feel a restlessness, an itch to, well, be around adults. I love my boys, they are amazing but holy man I needed out of the house! After debating if I go back to the dental world with 9+ hour days, sell Tupperware or become a professional couponer, I had a light bulb moment (and the help of a bottle of wine) to start this mobile teeth whitening company! I thought this was a wonderful fit as I knew, as a mom, you have very limited “you” time, so why not bring the beauty to them? I researched multiple whiteners, lights, tools and was thrilled to find the very best here in North America! The results were effective but not painful, but we’ll get into that in later blogs!

Which leads me to this…

Three years ago I started with one light, one pair of safety glasses, one client kit and dealing with the scary decision to give up my Certified Dental Assistant license. I loved the fact that I was still using my dental knowledge and also entering into this amazing beauty business! As word spread about my mobile business, I eventually added more lights (I have 8 now), built a studio in my home and introduced “Bright Smile Parties”. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t and still isn’t an easy thing to do. I have SO much respect for anyone who starts a business, IT IS HARD….but rewarding all at the same time.

There are a few new exciting aspects of the company I will blog about very soon, for now I think 650+ words about the beginning is enough!

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!


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