The truth about teeth whitening…

Even after having 12 years of dental experience, there are still new things I learn every day. When I first created this company my first learning experience, which quite frankly shocked me, was the fact that teeth whitening IS NOT governed by the College of Dental Surgeons but in fact the Beauty Council. This practice is non regulated meaning, basically anyone can treat people whether they have had training or not.

This took me by surprise due to the fact that obviously teeth=dentistry and how it can be potentially dangerous with unqualified and or inexperienced technicians applying the solution incorrectly. I was also dis heartend that due to the fact that I had my C.D.A license and was governed under the College of Dental Surgeons I wasn’t allowed to start this business, but a random person at a tanning salon was allowed to do it? Makes no sense to me but we all know the decision I made and gave up my license to start this.

I wish I could have done both but I do feel that this company has become successful due to my dental knowledge. Questions about recession, crowns, bridges, implants, root canals and other periodontal issues should be addressed and answered with full knowledge, not from a one page information sheet another teeth whitening company hands you with solutions that could potentially BURN your soft tissues.

There is a reason the way I whiten is tray FREE and strip FREE, everything is custom to that specific client. Starting March of this year I started the process of branding the solution I was using in my name and to do that you need Health Canada Approval. This process is not for the faint of heart lol but I did it and cannot be happier with the solution. The solution I use is made in North America and a custom pen is used, ensuring gel does not “smoosh” (highly technical term) over tissues (a problem with trays) and allowing you to not treat specific areas ie: recessed areas


During this time I was also approached by a number of businesses about training them or where they can find the materials. There are quite a few teeth whitening supply companies that will send you the light, materials etc. with no hands on training or even a mini dental breakdown. This, to me, is scary. Most of the solutions are also made overseas, so yes they might be able to send a larger quantity for the same price but i’m pretty sure that stuff is not the greatest. I tried 10 different solutions before I found this one so trust me, i’ve done my research! These phone calls gave me the idea to guide these businesses with the background of dentistry, I give a manual that is 15 pages long with scenarios, questions, dental issues and restoration information. We do a hands on practicum with a client to make sure the gel is applied PROPERLY and in a safe manner.

I’m so proud of what is happening with this business, even a dentist brought me in to train his staff and they now use the Beautiful Bright Smile solution i’m hoping more join us in the future!

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