California Dreaming

I am back from a wonderful 2 week break and now I have the flu!? Go figure!

Taking a break and getting some much needed vitamin D (Vancouver had the longest winter ever)! was amazing and the trip to the happiest place on earth is always good for the soul! Before my break I felt like I was hitting a wall with ideas, patience and most importantly happiness!

The road trip from B.C to California was amazing and gave me an opportunity to breathe life into new ideas and also experience the different cultures from the different cities we stayed in. Everyone knows that California is huge into fitness and health and after talking to locals I feel like it is the natural next step in the Beautiful Bright Smile journey to launch our newest technician in the sunny state.

The vision when starting the academy, training new technicians to perform the treatments in studio, has always been less is more. I do NOT want to over saturate communities and cities with too many technicians, as I believe it will hurt the professionalism and can create "price wars" between businesses. That being said the need to explore new communities south of the border will help avoid this problem and also keep the Beautiful Bright Smile brand growing!

Every trained technician has direct access to myself for extra training at any time so you can imagine the time that can take!

Expanding into the states is an exciting and daunting adventure I feel ready to take on! I'm so lucky to have some of my very first technicians in Canada take over with training (both in person and online) to allow me to have time to concentrate on this next journey! Lucky for us our gels are not only Health Canada approved they are also FDA approved so i'm hopeful that this transition will be fairly pain free!

Do you own a business and have jumped the border with your plans? Please let me know your thoughts and feelings, every bit of information is appreciated!

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