Started from the bottom now we're here..

For some reason that Drake song runs through my head MULTIPLE times a day! So where is our "here"? The company is now 3.5 years old and SO much has changed, evolved, grown and adjusted but I feel that the official, legit start of this now empire will start this September!

September 5th 2018 a.k.a the first day of 2nd grade for my oldest and first day of KINDERGARTEN for my baby is the day that this company spreads its wings.

I have been so fortunate that I have been able to treat clients, train students, perform parties, create a retail department and be a distributor yet still be with my youngest at home all day long. I literally have created this business via social media, referrals, amazing connections and networking my butt off mostly from the comfort of a computer screen. As of this September I am so excited for more face to face connections, meeting new businesses, travelling (internationally) to train new areas and, as a recent development, delve into a whole new arena for my business but my old personal stomping grounds, the dental world.

A couple of weeks ago I had the unexpected opportunity to meet with a dental office who were interested in my line of products and training. To say I was nervous was an understatement but I put my most professional big girl outfit on and performed my very own "Lunch and Learn".

Having that meeting and performing the treatment in front of highly regarded professionals was a "goosie inducing" experience and I walked away with my mind swirling with ideas for another branch of the company. Sometimes I don't sleep.

Things I am quickly learning:

With growth comes change.

If an area of the company isn't working, hit pause.

Not everyone is going to be super happy for you, but you sure do take note of the ones that are.

Peaks and valleys are not just for mountainous ranges, it's my everyday stress levels.


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